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a new build home. at architect-planning stage

Garden design | Ben Rhydding, Yorkshire

The Brief

An unusual situation where the client hasn’t yet built their home.  They were planning to create a new semi detached home on land that they own, and would like to include their dream garden.  By planning ahead they can obtain project estimates which allows them to allocate a realistic budget for their garden as well as the house build.

The site

A level, turfed area between existing houses.  There were no architect plans for the new house.  The size of which was estimated by extrapolating from the survey and the existing house next door.

Design Visuals


Lighting plan – with various switching circuit options

A louvred pergola which can be open or closed for a rain shower

Diagonal geometry to optimise the layout of a small space

Two water features
1/ near the lower terrace – a focal point all year round

2/ near the top terrace, a waterfall style for sound distraction.

The design

Designs included:

  • 2 waterfeatures
  • a pergola
  • 2 seating areas – one close to the house, the other on the top terrace to afford views of Ilkley moor.
  • Structure planting for screening and framing views
  • A lighting plan.

Existing site

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