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small country garden with a curvy-theme

Complete planting design | Ilkley, West Yorkshire

The Brief

The clients wanted to renovate their garden with a beautiful planting scheme. They had inherited the existing garden by the previous owner, a property developer.  The overall hard landscaping was to remain unchanged, however there was an opportunity to review the size and shape of the borders and how they linked with a more attractive lawn profile.

The clients loved all things curvy, round or circular so this theme was incorporated into the design.

Clearance & minor landscaping modifications (by Steve Ferris Landscapes) provided a near blank canvas for a Planting Design.

The site

The garden is west facing.  The site is in Middleton on the south facing valley slope in Ilkley, there are views over to Ilkley moor. Apart from the fencing and trees along the west boundary,  this back garden receives a lot of sunshine and is a bright garden.

The Finished Planting

Words from the client...

“Finally some lovely spring weather to sit in and admire the garden.  Andy and me had a cuppa, sitting in the Adirondack chairs in the corner of the garden yesterday and were able to really appreciate both the view of the moor and what ‘we’ve’ achieved between us … job well done I think we can say.”

” There really isn’t anything I don’t like.  Having had a friend walk through the front door recently, look through the glass doors & windows into the garden and go “WOW!”  I realised just how fabulous it truly is and what we’ve been creating over the last three or so years”.


The Design

Working round the existing mature purple acers, cherry & trained apple tree, we worked on a planting scheme to reflect the client’s love for curved and rounded shapes as well as colourful and romantic roses. 

Borders and lawn profile were reshaped with a defined curvy profile, creating depth were needed.

Lighting was incorporated into the design selecting Stone Globe lights to repeat the curvy theme.

Views over to White Wells on Ilkley moor from the patio with Adirondack chairs were to be framed and not obscured.

The challenge with this garden is the steep level change from house to garden and how this was viewed from within the home.  Also the dominance of the existing boundary fences, which over time will be softened with plants.

The Planting

The repeated box balls create a rhythm of round forms across the garden and provide that all important structure for winter, particularly because the garden is visible from bifold doors all year round. 

Colours and plant selection was dictated by the existing purple Acer and Sambucus to ensure a unified look.

Repeat flowering David Austin roses (Strawberry Hill, Lady of Shallot, Skylark, Gertrude Jekyll, Young Lycidas and Tuscany Superb) for variety of colour and goblet flower forms.

Buddleia globosa for contrasting orange flower balls in early summer.

Effusive flowering lilac Nepeta ‘Six Hills Giant’ colour contrasting with yellow Alchemilla mollis.  Verbascum and Salvias provide contrasting spike flower forms.

The planting gave considerable impact in its first year. Roses, shrubs and trees will take another 2-3 years to pack their punch.

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