Garden Design requires a great many skills: creativity, planning, and an understanding of how things are built. I can produce garden plans, planting plans and where relevant, detailed construction drawings. I’m sometimes required to undertake simple site surveys, project monitor building works and supply and plant the plants.

If you are wanting your garden designed, there are 2 options for you

  1. A Complete Garden Design Service
  2. Garden Inspirations (NEW) – one package, 3 steps completed.

The Complete Garden Design Service is right for you if:

  • you are looking for a complete garden design makeover
  • you value a creative, considered response to the site, taking into account spatial design, scale, proportion & context within your surroundings
  • you are going to appoint a contractor for the build
  • you wish to build & plant the garden in one step or phase changes over time

The Complete Garden Design Service offers some flexibility, is well considered and particularly bespoke.  It can involve all 9 stages as outlined below or Stages 1-4 as a suggested minimum.

Please contact me to discuss what’s best for you.

The only limit to your garden is at the boundaries of your imagination

Thomas D Church, Landscape Architect 1902-1978