Design commissions – typically a 3 month waiting list. Consultations allow 4 weeks.  Please get in touch if you would like to plan ahead.

Design Development for Construction

We work to produce detailed drawings which are used to request formal quotations for the build and to accurately construct the garden. We would first meet with you to discuss and finalise material selection and your preference of planting style and colour palette.

On completion of construction drawings, we present these to you in person, and discuss any final amendments before issuing to a landscape contractor.

Detailed plans used to clearly communicate the design to third parties to provide like-for-like quotations.  These will include a setting out plan and other construction drawings.

Presentation Plan

Following the approved layout, this Masterplan supersedes the amended Concept Plan.

It contains a detailed layout complete with levels.  By this stage the paving materials have been selected and agreed.  The benefit of this for example, is that it allows for patio sizes to be tailored for actual paving slab sizes, resulting in a pleasing aesthetic and jointing pattern, whilst reducing the labour cost of cutting on site.

It also ensures that, after the concept layout has been agreed, adjoining areas of different materials connect seamlessly together when constructed, resulting in a strong aesthetic.

This plan is sent to potential contractor for pricing, along with construction drawings and a written specification for the job.

Design Details

These drawings include construction details for hard landscaping elements, setting out plans, level plans and lighting proposals.

Lighting Concepts

Planting Plan

The planting plan shows how the space will be populated with selected plants, taking into account their individual growth spreads.  Each plant is given its Latin name in order to be sent to wholesale plant nurseries for quotes.

The planting plans provide a creative view of the planting with exact locations of all proposed plants and full plant list with imagery.

Melissa Morton Garden Design offers a sourcing, supply and setting out service.  Plants are sourced from a variety of trusted, quality suppliers that we have good relationships with.  These nurseries may be local, or elsewhere across the UK, to ensure the planting design integrity is maintained.

Contractors’ plans

The drawings along with specifications are sent to contractors as part of the Preconstruction Phase.