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a terraced garden with a new balcony extension

Concept design | Middleton, Ilkley

The Brief

  • To renovate the outdoor space to tie in with a proposed new house extension / rear balcony – planned to be built. 
  • Because the existing garden is not particularly useable due to its sloping profile.
  • With planting to be minimal and low maintenance.
  • To improve access via the back gate in the wall.
  • To envisage how the levels across the garden will work, as currently in poor shape.
  • To improve access and circulation routes around the various spaces.

The Site

The garden is south facing and slopes steeply away from the house. There is a 3m drop from house level to the back gate. Architect concept proposals are planned for a new upper balcony and a ground floor bedroom which would impact the use and access to the garden. 



Safe and easy to use access routes and steps across levels

Garden terrace level with existing house balcony, Decked steps to avoid infill

Extend lawn to feel spacious 

Simple planting palette with strong forms for reduced maintenance and year round structure

The Design

  • Garden terrace, level with house lower balcony.
  • room for lounge seating set to be undercover or move out onto terrace as desired.
  • steps and circulation routes between garden terrace and lower garden gate resolved. 
  • separate seating area for evening sun. 
  • connection enhanced between existing lower house, balcony and proposed new undercover terrace and upper balcony.
  • improved access route into the garden from the side of the house and from the upper balcony.
  • is a simple lawn layout at the lower level has been extended to reduce maintenance and construction costs.
  • selected border areas to introduce planting for biodiversity and summer interest.
Existing Garden
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