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Modern Planting for a restyled home RENOVATION

Sketch planting design | Linton, nr. Wetherby


The Brief

Our client had recently moved into her new home and was looking for a contemporary and modern planting scheme. Having invested in a transformation of the interior and complete renovation of the hard landscaping, Fiona was keen that the garden’s planting should match the minimalist palette of her home’s interiors. Floor-to-ceiling windows at the back of the house overlook the garden all year round.  

After photos are taken 4 months after planting.  A second phase of planting under the Tilia trees is due the following autumn.

The Finished Planting

Features of the design

The Sunken Garden

This area has borders in part shade and part sun and is used primarily in summer from late afternoon to evening for relaxation in the sun and socialising. Planting selection includes groups of bold hydrangeas with underplanting of Liriope & Ophiopogon and evergreen ferns.  A pair of Amelanchier trees frame a new water feature. Plants for shadier areas include Choisya, Prunus ‘Otto Luyken’ and Fatsia

The mid terrace

Viewed from the kitchen all year, this is a permanent vista.  The planting includes clipped cubes of evergreen Euonymus ‘Green Rocket’ and pockets of seasonal bulbs.  The plant selection needs to establish well under the demands of the existing large topiary lime trees, providing ground cover to reduce maintenance, whilst looking good all year.

The top terrace

Viewed all year from the living room there are borders in shade and full sun. Planting to complement the existing planting is varied for the different zones, but unified with repeating forms. Plants include repeated hydrangeas, Taxus topiary domes and a pair of Phormium. Ground cover includes Pachysandra & Liriope. Seasonal theme plants include Anemone & Libertia. Also a pair of Amelanchier trees to frame a second water feature.

The front garden

Areas included screening for high stone walls, borders in front of the house, and specimen planting within lawn and a border along the drive for kerbside appeal. A theme of repeated forms of bold beehives of green Taxus topiary with cubes of purple foliage beech cubes.  Specimen Acer trees selected.

Sketch designs: front

Planting needed to be be low-maintenance, big impact all year and establish well under the conditions.

In line with the client’s personal “less is more” style, we relied on a variety of shapes and textures to create visual interest, while limiting the colour scheme of any flowers to white with simple splashes of blue.

The back garden

Repeating forms and structure needed to work with the stepped terraces in the back garden.  This would create a strong, repeating theme that unified the whole. 

Ground conditions would be tough around the existing box pleached lime trees.  Here clipped hedging of Euonymus was selected.

An existing purple Phormium which the client loved, was repeated to unify the look.

Yew topiary domes of various sizes were grouped either side of the steps to anchor the vista from the house.

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