Designs for a relaxing, productive family garden

Menston, Yorkshire

Designs for a relaxing productive family garden in Menston, Yorkshire

THE BRIEF Having lived in their home for several years, and with children now grown up, our clients in Menston, Yorkshire, wanted to commission a design for a relaxing, productive family garden. There were various priorities for the garden: a special place for relaxing and entertaining versus a dedicated space for growing vegetables and fruit, but Helen and Tony both agreed that they wanted a fresh contemporary look for a hirtherto underdeveloped space.

THE CONCEPT We began with the idea of a garden that would support the couple in their joint aims of growing produce and relaxing outside. The kitchen garden was nestled at the back of the garden, accessed from the house via a dedicated path. A series of interconnecting areas for dining and entertaining was created for various times of the day. These were designed with a unifying character, and located around the garden, giving the family a choice of both sunny and dappled spots for relaxing with their teenage children.

THE CHALLENGE A potential disadvantage, which affects the cost of the build, is the restricted access to the side of the house. As the result of a house extension, there was only a narrow path to access the rear garden, significantly increasing labour costs.


> Bespoke pergola aligned with patio doors, with integrated archway and trellis fencing to introduce separate areas of the garden
> Pleached trees to create an avenue to venture down the garden, and others to screen overlooking windows
> Kitchen garden with space for production of fruit and vegetables: greenhouse, storage shed and raised beds alongside a young orchard
> Seamless transition from the house to extended patio area and lawned areas.
> Various seating areas to catch the sun, including architectural pergola to seat up to 8 people and a second seating area for relaxation
> Additional step up to the living room from the patio to mitigate steep drop from sliding doors
> A sensitive lighting plan to enhance the garden for security, safety and aesthetic



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