Ann Marie and Dave wanted to host a garden party for friends and family one summer, but after years of building work, their garden was in need of a new planting scheme and a quick injection of colour and texture.

Melissa devised the Flash Planting Design service in response to Ann Marie’s request for help! As there wasn’t time for a Full Planting Redesign, the Flash Planting Design service was created.  It has subsequently evolved and has been used successfully with many clients looking for a tailor made but speedy solution with long term results.

Planting Design, Ilkley Skipton Otley Menston

“With Melissa’s help, I learnt that despite my ignorance of gardens and plants, I have strong preferences, and my choices were translated into a beautiful and elegant garden which is perfectly suited to the site and to our lifestyle. Melissa was a pleasure to deal with and made the process of transforming our garden a really enjoyable process.”