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Elevate the value of your home extension: top tips when it impacts your garden

Increase the value of a house extension and impact on garden design

There are opportunities to elevate the value of your house extension by taking a few garden design ideas into account.  If you are planning your house renovation with an architect, in the early stages you may not be thinking about how it will function with your garden, or how it will look.     Here are […]

How to design a garden 4: site analysis

Garden design - site analysis of family home in Yorkshire

Garden Design Essentials 4: site analysis – what is it? If you are learning to design a garden, site analysis is the essential step which brings together the previous three steps in the garden design process:  the client brief, the survey and the site assessment.  This step informs the next step, zoning.  In this case study, we’ll share extracts […]

Chelsea Flower Show 2023 well being & biodiversity

Wildlife in a small back garden

This year at Chelsea the spotlight shines on ways that gardening and gardens can contribute positively to our health and well-being, as well as to help the environment. In this post, we focus on examples of small, step changes you can make to support biodiversity in your own garden, which can all help to make […]

Adding value to your house extension: how big is it going to be?

Garden designs add value to your home renovation how big should your extension be

PLANNING a House EXTENSION, HOW WILL the footprint IMPACT THE GARDEN? When planning a house renovation with an extension you’ll be thinking how big your house extension should be in order to maximise the value to your property. But have you considered the impact on your garden? Garden designs add value to your home renovation […]

How to design a garden 3: what is genius loci and site assessment?

How to design a garden: ‘spirit of place’ If you are learning to design a garden, what is ‘genius loci’? may be a question you will come across.  It’s about observing what’s within your garden, and also what’s borrowed – beyond the boundaries. A key element is to observe the context of the garden – […]

Garden Design Trends for 2022

Purple Apricot colourful planting combinations

Thoughts on garden design trends for 2022 The beginning of the year is so often a time for reflection – on the year that’s just passed and the year ahead. Newspapers and magazines are full of articles, with predictions and resolutions and the world of garden design is no different. If you’re a RHS member […]

Garden Design Essentials 2: The Survey

How to design a garden: the survey This is the second in my series of Garden Design Essential blogs and whilst this topic might not kick off the creative juices as much as planning a planting scheme, it is a vital step at the start of the garden design process. If you’re looking to design […]

The impact of gardens on our wellbeing

Melissa Morton Garden Designer. Garden art and sculpture to enhance wellbeing

Gardens and their importance in improving our wellbeing Happy New Year! I hope you all had a peaceful, healthy and happy time despite this Christmas and New Year being so very different. I planned this blog about the connection between our wellbeing and gardens before we were plunged into national lockdown a couple of weeks […]

Garden Design Essentials 1: The Brief

How to design a garden: the Brief Designing a garden is truly a collaborative process. It’s a team effort between you, the client, and me, the garden designer. At each stage we work together to ensure the garden at the end of the project reflects what you love, want and need. I’m going to be […]