We researched the internet for local designers and were impressed with Melissa Morton Garden Design website and previous designs.  Our knowledge of plants meant we were unsure what plants, trees and shrubs would look good and compliment each other.
Melissa was excellent in helping and improving our thinking and planning and buying the plants to provide a natural looking garden. She was very efficient, keeping us informed, keeping to the schedule which we had agreed.

The Flash Planting Design service was excellent and met our needs and was good value.  Melissa incorporated our thoughts and ideas whilst keeping her own ideas firmly to the fore.

We are very pleased with the finished product and we are looking forward to it establishing over the coming months and years.

R & K MillenFlash Planting Design | Ilkley 2020

“We now have a garden that we can use all year round and which looks great!  It is the part of the home we like the most, rather than an empty source of frustration.

Melissa is good at challenging the ideas we suggested and offering alternatives to make sure that we are certain of the path chosen and then incorporated this into the design and maintenance plan. She has fulfilled our vision for what the garden could be.

It was worth doing the detailed design and planning as the landscapers were pleased to have that level of detail to work with. Also having you as project manager and liaise with the landscapers meant that issues could be dealt with directly as they occurred rather than through us, which would have added delay and removed expertise from the equation. You took our detailed brief and list of ideas and helped to realise this in a structured way, especially regarding the transitions between zones and the issues we had with our boundaries. Painting the fence, even when we were still months off from the build (on your suggestion) made a real difference in how we felt about the garden and gave us a a good ‘quick win’ and helped us to realise what a transformation it was going to be!

Your planting design has given us structure and cohesion that simply “works” within which we have the confidence (after your coaching) to experiment and learn.  Thank you Melissa!”

C & C AllwinterComplete Garden Design, Oversee Build, Planting & Coaching | Steeton 2020

Finally some lovely spring weather to sit in and admire the garden.  Andy and me had a cuppa, sitting in the Adirondack chairs in the corner of the garden yesterday and were able to really appreciate both the view of the moor and what ‘we’ve’ achieved between us … job well done I think we can say!

It is a pleasure to look at and sit in the garden. We were lucky enough to have the whole of summer 2018 to enjoy our garden and we made the most of both the weather and our lovely new garden.

R. DaviesComplete Planting Design, Planting & Aftercare | Ilkley, 2017-2019

Melissa took the time to explore how I felt about my garden and what my requirements were, on a practical and sensitive level.

She helped me to look at the garden in anew way and helped me to decided on my next course of action. Her knowledge was very useful.

The summary notes with photos and advice are excellent and I am finding it very helpful to prioritise the work.

I have begun to implement the suggestions made by Melissa. It has been so useful to receive her advice how to start and how start on revamping my garden.

J. DallasGift Voucher - One off consultation | Gargrave, 2019

We now feel really positive about the garden. We love the colour scheme and the variation in height, form & texture of the plants selected.

Prior to engaging Melissa we could see the garden had potential but could not quite work out ourselves how to develop a vision and deliver it.

The services provided were money well spent.

C. & S. EllisOne off consultation, Garden Inspirations & Flash Planting Design | Menston, 2018-19

I really enjoyed working with Melissa. She was very professional, knowledgeable and her work and those of her sub contractors was of the highest quality.

I felt she really took the time to discuss what we wanted to achieve from our garden. Melissa was also interested in the sustainability of our project and how the garden would develop and grow.

This was the first time we have used a garden designer and I would highly recommend her.

H. HenleyFlash Planting Design | Ilkley, 2018

Having completely fallen out of love with my garden, I got in touch with Melissa for some inspiration, guidance and advice. I engaged Melissa for a one-off consultation and she gave me some great ideas and inspiration. Melissa is knowledgeable, professional and enthusiastic. I now have a plan in place.

Melissa has helped with some other additional work and I’m engaging her for the planting too. I’m excited about my garden for the first time in a long time. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Melissa!

The service was perfect for what I needed and I love the garden.

We spend so much more time in it and I’m much more engaged with planting.

C. Wood-RobertsonOne-off consultation & Flash Planting Design | Ilkley, 2018

I had a fantastic experience with the garden consultation!

Loads of advice & ideas which spurred me into action.

Great value for money.

K. Ibbotson, A Tidy MindOne off consultation | Menston, 2018

Melissa provided a great service in creating and implementing a simple planting design for our newly landscaped front garden.

Melissa is easy to work with, professional, efficient and, most importantly, takes the time to really understand and respond to the client’s requirements and priorities.

We are looking forward to seeing the planting scheme develop in the coming years.

M. HowarthFlash Planting Design | Ilkley, 2018

We wanted some help figuring out the layout in our garden, what to prioritise and where to start. Melissa’s One Off Consultation ‘Unique Garden Design Advice Service’ really helped us to figure out some of the zoning issues.

We are motivated and definitely excited to make some changes and get started.

We would highly recommend.

S. ParryOne-off consultation | Yeadon, 2018

Had a very interesting consultation with Melissa.  The meeting  made us think very hard about what we wanted and how we can achieve it.

Highly recommended.

J. RatcliffeOne-off consultation | Menston, 2018

We had Melissa to help us with a one off consultation to help us with some design of our garden while we were doing a big renovation to our house. Her input was really helpful and we got great benefit from the session.

Melissa was flexible and worked on some quite short timescales for us. She really led us in our thinking and we will likely be using her service on the actual plants and flowers part once our renovation is done.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her – in fact – I wish we had contacted her earlier!

C. Pritchard-JonesOne-off consultation | Ilkley, 2018

Amazing service, Melissa helped us completely reframe our thinking and gave us a tonne of ideas to work with. She also really knows her stuff. Highly recommended!

D. RoseOne-Off Consultation | Arthington, 2017

The service Melissa provided surpassed my expectations and was good value for money.  Melissa cam up with some very good ideas.  Walking round the garden together really helped me focus on what could/should be done and what couldn’t/shouldn’t.  I found the whole experience inspiring and can’t wait to get started on the ideas Melissa had.

E. JacksonOne off consultation | Knaresborough, 2017

Melissa was very professional but approachable. I used her ‘1-off Consultation’ service so we had 2.5 hours of discussion about how to give my garden more cohesion whilst keeping it informal and wildlife friendly. She had lots of ideas some of which I am already putting into place. At the end of the session she provided a written list of topics discussed with a few annotated photographs.
I found the discussion very useful.

P. CheethamOne-Off consultation | Addingham, 2017
“We’ve had a lovely day pottering in the garden …. The project has had it’s highs and lows but as we were enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace this evening we felt that the your garden design perfectly fitted with the house and the landscape beyond. Thank you! “
B. CroxenPlanting design | Menston, 2016
Melissa was a pleasure to deal with and made the process of transforming our garden a really enjoyable process. With Melissa’s help, I learnt that despite my ignorance of gardens and plants, I have strong preferences, and my choices were translated into a beautiful and elegant garden which is perfectly suited to the site and to our lifestyle.”

A.M. CousinsFlash Planting Design | Ilkley, 2016

The consultation entirely met my expectations, indeed surpassed them. I have been able to organise and plan my garden for building work on the house and for the garden’s long term development.

The consultation service is excellent value and I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone.

S. GoldGarden Consultation | Ilkley, 2016

I arranged the consultation as we’re in the process of having new windows and doors fitted and I needed advice on the best way to prune back our existing planting close to the house to allow the work to be undertaken. As it turned out, this was the least of what we covered in those hours!

Melissa is extremely knowledgeable, a great teacher and very good fun! I’m keen to improve my own gardening skills and Melissa took the time to describe to me what she was doing and why, in the hope that I might be able to do it next time on my own. We agreed on a plan of works for the front of the house which will include several more ‘teaching’ visits over the next 6 months.

… we moved on to a really enjoyable, visionary and creative conversation about the possibilities for our small yard garden at the back of the house. At the end of the 2 hours I felt totally inspired about the future of what is essentially quite a small and uninspiring space. No small feat!

I also spent the rest of the weekend gardening. I absolutely loved our time together and the consultation far exceeded my expectations.

E. GordonOne off consultation | Burley in Wharfedale, Ilkley 2016

“Melissa knows her stuff and has transformed not only both my gardens but also my attitude to my gardens. She’s happy to just come and prune but also will recommend planting and if required carry out all the planting. Can’t recommend highly enough”

I. HoganPruning & Planting | Ilkley, 2015

“Thanks for your help in pulling my many but disorganised ideas into order and adding your expertise into the melting pot! It is just what was required and it feels like real progress seeing it all drawn out.”

S. ChapmanPlanting & border design | Baildon, 2014

“Melissa trained my 3 fruit trees, back to the espalier structure as originally intended and this summer we had an abundance of fruit. In late winter, I contacted Melissa Morton Garden Design for advice on pruning . Despite my initial enthusiasm, the trees had been neglected over the years and were overgrown and shapeless.

“Melissa was very knowledgeable and her approach was both practical and helpful. Melissa advised what needed to be done. The work was carried out a short time after the initial visit and I was really pleased with the result.

“I will continue to use Melissa Morton Garden Design in the future, the service was excellent and worth every penny.”

E. SmithFruit tree pruning | Ilkley, 2015

“A very easy design to work from. All measurements where spot on – even though the area was hard to measure with all the existing mature trees and shrubs in the way. This meant time wasn’t wasted at the construction stage and quantities of materials didn’t need adjusting.”

T. Bye T Bye Landscapes | Baildon, 2014