Design commissions – typically a 3 month waiting list. Consultations allow 4 weeks.  Please get in touch if you would like to plan ahead.

When a Garden Designer can help

There are many reasons to seek help and advice from a professional garden designer. 

Here’s some examples of when we have helped our clients realise their dream garden.

Are you a keen gardener?

Perhaps you’d love some guidance and creative input or maybe you’re looking for a bit more structure and impact?  A professional with a fresh pair of eyes can help you enhance your loved and valued garden.

No time?

You don’t have time to consider the planning process and investigate the daunting array of choices available needed to come up with a coherent design.  A professional garden designer can walk you through the various steps and make decisions at certain stages.

Don’t know where to start?

Are you someone who doesn’t understand plants or not enough knowledge – just don’t know where to start. An experienced professional would help you make the process easy and manageable.

Value for investment

A garden designer is valuable if you are considering fundamental changes to your garden, coming up with a plan on how to maximise the space as well as planting, lighting, furniture and maintenance.  We can consider minimising costly hard landscaping and various investment options for plant supply.


People often choose spring to rethink their garden when the nicer weather starts. However designers work all year round on the various stages of the process. A garden designer can give you advice and guidance at any time.

"My role is to guide you through a clear and thorough design process, involving you every step of the way. This ensures the garden we design reflects your lifestyle and life stage."
Melissa Morton

The advantages of appointing a Garden Designer

Property value

Within the industry, it is often suggested that spending upto 10% of your property value is a realistic investment to spend on a new garden for your home.

This may vary depending on your property, the features you’d like to include, the garden size & level changes and accessibility etc.

Features to consider include the feeling of seclusion and privacy, how easy it looks to maintain and of course plants and lighting; all contributing to your property’s desirability.

Gardens are becoming more and more important as extra living space and are now considered as an additional room and important space.

Expert View

There will be concepts and inspiration which you may have not considered before and these can be discussed whether it be seating, the best suited plants, containers or the visual impact.

Spatial design and sense of place

We work up the best spatial design for your garden at concept stage. 

Spatial design is organising your garden into spaces (outdoor rooms) defining and creating spaces with identity. This can also be linked with Genius Loci (Spirit of Place).  The designer works to harmonise the garden with its surroundings, considering how the garden suits its unique environment.


You will be able to appreciate how your garden will look before any of the actual work begins. Plans, sketches and visualisations help to communicate the vision and design.  Please see our Portfolio Concept Plans.

Valuable network

A significant asset of appointing a garden designer is the network of professionals and suppliers that they have access to, needed to realise the garden of your dreams. It takes time to develop these contacts through industry related networking events, conferences and social media forums.

Each new project can introduce a new challenge, no matter the garden designer’s experience. Having a network of designers, relevant trades and suppliers means that workable solutions can be found and proposed.


The garden will be tailored for you – whether to create a haven for wildlife, a place for entertaining or simply a place to relax and escape. Your favourite colours and themes will be taken into account making the garden truly unique.  Take a look at our portfolio to see the range of bespoke designs for our clients.

You can decide on how much or how little input you’d like to be involved.

Help to oversee the build!

When it comes to the build and installing the garden, there is an option that we work with you and the landscaper to ensure the garden you end up with is the garden that best reflects the agreed design.  

Please refer to our Construction Phase service.

How much will a garden design cost?

As you will appreciate every garden and its owner are different so it’s impossible to give a definitive cost for a design without seeing the garden and meeting you, the client.

Building a garden is a financial investment and should be considered similar in value as building an extension or installing a new kitchen.

To find out more, we’ve written a blog post on how much does a garden design cost.

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