There are many reasons to seek help and advice from a garden designer. You may be a keen gardener yourself but you realise a bit of guidance and creative input is needed, to enhance your loved and valued garden into your personal outdoor space with maybe with better structure and more impact.

No time?

Perhaps it’s just you don’t have time to consider the planning process and investigate the daunting array of choices available needed to come up with a coherent design.

Don’t know where to start?

Alternatively, you are someone who doesn’t understand plants or have little knowledge, and you just don’t know where to start. An experienced professional would help you make the process easy and manageable.

Value for investment

A Garden Designer is valuable if you are considering fundamental changes to your garden, coming up with a plan on how to maximise the space as well as planting, lighting, furniture and maintenance.


People often choose spring to rethink their garden when the nicer weather starts. However the design process can work all year round. A garden designer can give you advice and guidance at any time.

“Involving a Garden Designer with a landscaper you will get the garden you want. Working only with a landscaper, you are likely to get what we think you want”

Mark Nicholson, Landscape Contractor, The Garden Makers (Harrogate)