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Nori Pope – planting designer, obituary

Colour in the Garden, Sandra and Nori Pope

Thanks to Noel Kingsbury’s blog post I’ve discovered the sad news of the passing of Nori Pope.  Although I never had the pleasure of listening or talking to him, I did have the opportunity to visit his and Sandra’s garden back in 2004. As it turns out, a fortuitous visit enroute from Yorkshire to Cornwall […]

The day in the life of a garden designer: pruning roses with David Austin

Mum, why are you going on a course to learn something that you already know about?’. ‘Well,’ I replied to Louis, my 10 year old,  ‘there’s always something to learn and improve on. It’s important my clients know that I can provide that little extra and different’. Or is it that I’m a bit too […]

The value of colours in gardens and how they’re used in planting design

“In nature, light creates the colour. In the picture, colour creates the light.” – Hans Hoffman My last blog explored how colour science can be applied to garden design particularly planting.  I introduced you to the Munsell Colour Order System and the five major and five minor hues. We explored how hue is important because […]

Colour science in garden design & how hue can influence mood | November 2018

A Garden Designer must regularly interpret general concepts like structure and layout, as well as combinations of texture, form and colour. In this blog, I will be exploring the next level of understanding in one particular area: specifically the role of colour in garden design. The starting point for our journey in search of knowledge and understanding will […]

The past can colour the future in surprising ways | September 2018

The past can colour the future in surprising ways Bringing colours together harmoniously and creatively whilst designing gardens can be an interesting challenge. It often requires working around a client’s perceived preferences and challenging them with new approaches. Combining colours can create inspiring contrasts whilst blending and repeating them can unify a garden. The use […]

Celebrating another HOUZZ award

A rather belated post about this year’s Houzz award – received back in January!  But still worth a shout don’t you think? Melissa Morton Garden Design has been awarded the accolade ‘Best of Houzz 2018’ by the international home renovation and design platform, Houzz. This follows two similar accolades from Houzz in 2016 (for Design) […]